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News Item S3 collaboration workshop - 22 June 2018
The next S3 collaboration workshop will be held from from June 18 (13:30) to June 22 (12:30) 2018 at GANIL.
News Item XXII International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics (FB22) - 9-13th July 2018 - 13 July 2018
The next International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics (FB22) will be held in Caen, France from the 9 to 13 July 2018. This will be the 22nd edition in the conference series which began in 1959 in London and was most recently held in Chicago (2015) and Fukuoka (2012).
GANIL Community meeting 2018 News Item GANIL Community meeting 2018 - 08 October 2018
The first GANIL-Community Meeting will be held from October the 8th to the 12th 2018 at the Musée des Beaux Arts of Caen (France).
Seminars to come

Di-Nucleus Dynamics toward Mono-Nucleus in Heavy-Ion Fusion - 24 October 2018

Y. Abe (RCNP, Osaka University, Japan)

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Probing Neutron-Rich Nuclei with Proton Targets - 09 November 2018

Nancy Paul-Hupin (DRF/IRFU/DPHN/LENA, CEA-Saclay)

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Physics applied to radiotherapy and dosimetry - 09 November 2018

Anne-Marie Frelin (GANIL, Caen, France)

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Nucleon-nucleon correlations in the atomic nucleus - 16 November 2018

Anna Corsi (Nuclear Physics Division of CEA/IRFU, Saclay, France)

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Preparation and characterisation of targets for nuclear physics - 23 November 2018

Christelle Stodel (GANIL, Caen, France)

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Detection of neutrons - 05 December 2018

Xavier Ledoux (GANIL, Caen, France)

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Plasma diagnostics on ECR ion sources - 11 December 2018

Moenir Sakieldien (iThemba LABS, South Africa)

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Probing nuclear superfluidity with neutron stars - 14 December 2018

Nicolas Chamel (Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

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Safety and Security

Safety and security are priorities of the GANIL laboratory, which aims at protecting people and the environment.

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