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European Isotope Separation On-Line Radioactive Ion Beam Facility


Possible implantation scheme of the EURISOL facility at GANIL-SPIRAL2


The EURISOL project is aimed at the design - and eventual construction - of the 'next-generation' European ISOL radioactive ion beam (RIB) facility.

The first phase was a 4-year feasibility study (2000-2003) supported by the European Commission during the 5th Framework programme (FP5), as a Research and Technical Development (RTD) project in Nuclear Physics. The EURISOL Feasibility study final report is available on-line:

  • Final report                                                                                                               [8.3-Mbyte PDF file]
  • Appendix A - "The Physics Case for EURISOL"                                                [5.8-Mbyte PDF file]
  • Appendix B - "Driver Accelerator for EURISOL"                                               [7.9-Mbyte PDF file]
  • Appendix C - "Targets and Ion Sources for EURISOL"                                     [6.4-Mbyte PDF file]
  • Appendix D - " Post-Accelerator and Mass Separator for EURISOL"              [13-Mbyte PDF file]
  • Appendix E -  "Instrumentation for EURISOL"                                                   [20-MByte PDF file]


The resulting facility is intended to extend the exciting work presently being carried out using the first-generation RIB facilities in various scientific disciplines including nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics and fundamental interactions. The aim is to increase the variety of exotic ions produced, and to increase the yields of such ions by orders of magnitude beyond those presently available. The ISOL method is considered to be complementary to the 'in-flight' method which will be used in the proposed upgrade (FAIR) of the accelerator facility at GSI, Darmstadt.


A Design Study has been performed under the 6th Framework Programme:    



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