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Colloque GANIL 2006

The XVth "colloque GANIL" was held from May 29th to June 2nd 2006 in Giens (France).

The purpose of the conference was to review and discuss the research carried out at GANIL and the related activities at similar facilities around the world. The experiments performed in the first four years of operation of the SPIRAL facility as well as its future developments were largely discussed. Several sessions of the workshop were also devoted to the presentation and the discussion of the future physics opportunities with SPIRAL 2 and needed technical developments. This partly was a follow-up of the five SPIRAL 2 workshops organized at GANIL in 2005. The GANIL staff organized with the BUG (Bureau des Utilisateurs du GANIL – GANIL user’s board) a session of discussions dedicated to the improvements of GANIL.

The topics studied with heavy ions discussed at the colloquium workshop were:

The posters presented during the colloqium are available.

During the colloqium, some of the participants kindly accepted to share their thoughts on their favourite research topic. We report here these Words of Physicists.

In order to preserve the informal character of the colloquium, no proceedings will be published.

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