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Poster Session



In view of the large number of contributions, a poster session will be organised on Wednesday 9th at 18:30  to allow a complete discussion of the research programmes performed at GANIL in recent years. An introductory session will allow the participants presenting a poster to introduce their work  at 18:00. These “mini presentations” will be strictly limited to 2 minutes and 2 transparencies. Speakers are requested to bring their contribution in a common format (such as Powerpoint or PDF) on an electronic medium (CD, USB pen-drive, memory stick, etc…) to be downloaded during your registration on Sunday.
Posters may be presented in A0 format.  They will be visible from Monday to Thursday. They can be pinned to the panels on Sunday evening at your arrival.

Alberto Andrighetto – LNL Legnaro, Italy
The SPES Project at LNL

Benjamin Braunn – LPC Caen, France
Carbone 12 fragmentation measurements for hadrontherapy at GANIL

Pierre Delahaye – GANIL Caen, France
Charge breeding: results from EURISOL DS

Antonio D’Onofrio – INFN Napoli, Italy
3He(alpha, gamma)7Be cross section measurements with recoils and coincident  gamma-rays

Hannah Franberg-Delahaye – GANIL caen, France
The versatile production station for SPIRAL 2

Fabiana Gramegna – LNL Legnaro, Italy
Doping polysiloxane rubbers as organic scintillators to be used for neutron detection.

Sergey Krupko – JINR Dubna, Russia
Fragment separator ACCULINNA2

Emily Lamour – Institut des Nanosciences de Paris, France
Fast Ion - Slow Ion Collisions with SPIRAL2 facility

Ismael Martel – University of Huelva, Spain
Dynamics of halo nuclei at low collision energies

Katarzyna Mazurek – IPN PAN Krakow, Poland
Single particle level densities in tetrahedral and octahedral nuclear shapes

Jérôme Souin – CENBG Bordeaux Gradignan, France
Super-allowed 0+ to 0+ nuclear beta decayS

J. Srebrny, HIL UW, on behalf of the EAGLE collaboration

EAGLE (central European Array for Gamma Levels Evaluation)


campaign at Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw



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