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Colloque GANIL 2015

The XIXth "Colloque GANIL" will be held from October 12th to 16th, 2015 in Anglet (Aquitaine, France) and is jointly organised by GANIL and CEN Bordeaux-Gradignan.




12th - 16th October, 2015



The « 19th Colloque GANIL » will be held from 11th to 16th October 2015 in Anglet (Aquitaine – France)

The purpose of the conference is to review and discuss the research carried out at GANIL and the related activities carried out at similar facilities around the world. Traditionally the Colloque will cover the range of topics addressed at GANIL:

  • Nuclear structure

  • Reaction mechanism

  • Nuclear astrophysics

  • Weak interactions

  • Interdisciplinary research

  • Technical developments



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