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Practical informations

  • Speakers
For oral presentations, participants are requested to bring their presentation in a format such as PowerPoint or PDF, on an electronic medium such a CD/DVD or a USB key. A PC running Windows-XP as well as a Mac running OSX will be available. Speakers are strongly requested to use one of these computers. There will be no facility to display transparencies or photographic slides.
All speakers are requested to transfer their presentations on one of the above computers one day before their talk and during your registration on Sunday for Monday sessions. After each session, speakers should also provide the conference secretary a version of their presentation that can be uploaded on the web.
  • Registration Desk
The registration desk will be open from 5:00 pm on Sunday 11nd, 2015 as well as during conference hours.

  • Computer Facilities
WIFI network will be available outside the conference room.


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