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The workshop will begin on Monday October 16th at 9:00 am and will be closed on Friday October 20th at noon.
Traditionally the Colloque will cover the range of topics addressed at GANIL :

·         Nuclear Structure

·         Nuclear Reactions

·         Nuclear Astrophysics

·         Fundamental Interactions

·         Interdisciplinary research

·         Related theoretical developments

·         Applications

·         Technical developments

·         Instrumentation

  • The programme will consist in invited talks, contributed talks and poster presentations.

A poster session will be organised on Wednesday, October 18th to allow a complete discussion of the research programmes performed at GANIL in recent years. 
In order to preserve the informal character of the colloquium and to stimulate presentation of innovative ideas, no proceedings will be published. Review talks are planned with ample time scheduled for discussion. These reviews will be followed by shorter contributions presenting the latest results.  


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