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Study of the 19Ne spectroscopic properties of astrophysical interest via a new improved inelastic scattering method

By F. Boulay - GANIL

When 2014-02-25
from 11:30 am à 12:00 pm
Where Room 105
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The study of the 19Ne nuclei is related to the study of 18F, which has strong astrophysical  interest. The determination of the 18F abundance is important to understand the mechanism which are involved in the stellar phenomena novae. From the 19Ne spectroscopic properties, it is possible to deduce the key reaction rates 18F(p,α)15O et 18F(p,γ)19Ne. The latters are the two main channels which rule the destruction speed of 18F and therefore its abundance.



In order to determine the spectroscopic properties of interest (located within the Gamow  window), a new experimental method of inelastic scattering using a 19Ne radioactive beam on a proton target was lead at GANIL on November 2013 with the VAMOS spectrometer. The latter was used for the first time in spectrograph mode to reconstruct the excitation function spectra. Preliminary results of this pioneer experiment will be presented for the first time.

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