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Feedback and first preliminary results on Experiment E744

retour sur la campagne d'expériences @GANIL

When 2018-10-16
from 11:30 am à 12:30 pm
Where room 105
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by Valerian Girardalcindor

Experiment E744 was the first experiment performed with SPIRAL1 since 2013. It used LISE in pipe mode and was located in the experimental area D6. An Oxygen 14 beam at 7.5 MeV/u impinged on a CH2 target to form the unbound nucleus 15F. During this experiment, we had three goals. Measure one (or two) new state(s) seen in the mirror nucleus 15C and predicted to be very narrow [1]. Study the two-proton emission from those states, which could either be direct or sequential decays. Finally, study a possible gamma transition in an unbound nucleus, from the already known 1/2- state [2] to the unbound ground state (1/2+) of 15F. To achieve these goals, we used five MUST2 telescopes and two gamma ray detectors. We performed the experiment in May, and due to issues from the accelerator, we were able to meet our first goal only, as a new state is clearly visible despite the low statistic. We are also confident that with more beam time the second goal should be achievable as we have evidence of two-proton emission. During my presentation, I will talk about the nuclear and astrophysical motivation of this experiment and show some preliminary results concerning the first and second goal of the experiment.   


[1] H. T. Fortune, Phys. Rev. C 83, 024311

[2] F. de Grancey, A. Mercenne, F. de Oliveira Santos et al, Phys. Lett B 758 (2016) 26–31

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