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Matter’s Origin from the RadioActivity of trapped and laser oriented ions: The MORA project.

By Pierre Delahaye

When 2018-01-23
from 11:30 am à 12:30 pm
Where Room 105
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Why are we living in a world of matter? What is the reason for the strong matter – antimatter asymmetry we observe in the Universe?


In 1967, A. Sakharov expressed the 3 conditions which should be fulfilled for the baryogenesis process. These conditions are: (i) a large C and CP violation; (ii) a violation of the baryonic number, (iii) a process out of thermal equilibrium. A large CP violation has therefore to be discovered to account for this large matter-antimatter asymmetry, at a level beyond the CP violation predicted to occur in the Standard Model via the quark mixing mechanism. There is a large window in which D correlations and Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) measurements can contribute to the search for other sources of CP violation at a much higher level than predicted by the Standard Model.  The D correlation offers the possibility to search for new CP-violating interactions in a region that is less accessible by EDM searches, in particular via the Leptoquark model. The MORA project aims at measuring this correlation in the decay of trapped  and laser oriented 23Mg ions, first at JYFL, and then at GANIL. This “physique dans tous ses états” will discuss the different aspects of the project, which was recently funded by the “Region Normandie”.

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