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The Geometric Collective Model of nuclear structure: Past, Present, Future

By Panagiotis E Georgoudis

When 2018-03-27
from 11:30 am à 12:30 pm
Where Room 105
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The talk will start from the very basics of the GCM - the foundations of the Bohr Hamiltonian, some of its solutions and their interpretation in terms of shapes. A brief account will be given on the modern classification of collective states of even - even nuclei which uses correspondences between the solvable limits of the Bohr Hamiltonian and the symmetry limits of the Interacting Boson Model. In all these cases the potential energy surfaces host a single minimum. Shape coexistence is expected to emerge in potential energy surfaces with multiple minima. Some recent solutions of the quadrupole GCM with potentials hosting double minima

will be presented in parallel with a detailed account on the impact of the moments of inertia in the manifestation of Shape coexistence. A brief discussion will follow with respect to the search for experimental candidates of these solutions.

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