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A new link between masses and structure

R. Casten (Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA)

When 2008-11-21
from 11:00 am à 12:00 pm
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Nuclear Binding and structure are closely related. However, traditionally,
the study of these two aspects of nuclei have often been separated.
This talk will discuss a far more sensitive link between binding energies
and structure, especially in near-mid-shell deformed
nuclei, than heretofore realized. This sensitivity is such
that measured separation energies can even help under-
stand the nature of intrinsic excitations in such nuclei.
The implication is that future nuclear structure calculations
with collective models should always consider the implications for
separation energies, both to test the model calculations and even to
help interpret excited modes.  Conversely, new measurements of
masses may have consequences for structure not previously recognized.
This may be particularly important in nuclei far from stability where only sparse data
will be available.


Presentation (pdf)

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