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Di-neutron correlations and pair transfer

M. Matsuo (Niigita University, Japan)

When 2008-10-07
from 11:00 am à 12:00 pm
Where salle des séminaires du GANIL
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The di-neutron correlation is one of the most
interesting features of neutron-rich nuclei.
It is a manifestation of the strong coupling
pairing or the crossover between the conventional BCS
pairing and the Bose-Einsten condensation of composite
bosons, which is expected in halo, skin and neutron matter.
In this seminar talk, we present our Skyrme-HFB + QRPA
predictions on medium and heavy mass neutron-rich nuclei
to illustrate that the di-neutron correlation influences strongly
low-lying multipole excitation modes (dipole, quadrupole
and octupole). We also discuss its influence on
amplitudes of pair transfer processes, which may
provides us with experimental probes to the di-neutron correlation.


Presentation (pdf)

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