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From Spiral2 development to nuclear structure beyond N=50: The ALTO facility

M. Lebois (IPN Orsay)

When 2008-12-16
from 11:00 am à 12:00 pm
Where salle des séminaires du GANIL
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In the past three years, the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Orsay gave a contribution to the SPIRAL2 project by developing an ISOL facility named ALTO (“Accélérateur Linéaire et Tandem d’Orsay”). Based on the use of photo-fission induced by an electron beam this facility was expected to produce up to 10$^{11}$ fissions/s in an UCx target. The first electron beam was extracted in december 2005. Six months later, an experiment dedicated to the production yields measurements was performed. The results obtained from those measurements confirmed the expected number of fission in the target. The ALTO facility was now able to enter in its commissioning period.
Step by step the intensity of the electron beam was increased, with extraction of radioactive beams, to perform some radioprotection measurements. During some of them, a Ga beam was produced with the use of a surface ionization source. After mass separation, with the PARRNe separator, the radioactive beam was collected on a mylar tape surrounded by germanium detectors settled in very close geometry. This experimental setup provided the possibility to study the $\beta$ decay of $^{84}$Ga. With 18 hours of statistic, we were able to extract experimental information on the nuclear structure beyond the N=50 shell closure, and to give a very first overview of the new valence space that opens beyond N=50.

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