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High-resolution experiments on nuclear reactions with relativistic heavy-ion beams

K.-H. Schmidt

When 2008-11-14
from 11:00 am à 12:00 pm
Where salle des séminaires du GANIL
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 The fragment separator of GSI, Darmstadt, was constructed as a magnetic separator
to provide pure secondary beams produced by in-flight fragmentation. However, it
can also be used as a powerful magnetic spectrometer.

An overview on several experiments that exploit the high resolution of this
instrument will be given, ranging from low-energy fission to peripheral and
mid-peripheral nucleus-nucleus collisions. Surprising results e.g. on the
properties of fission channels, on the manifestation of nuclear structure in
violent nuclear collisions, on the momentum transfer in abrasion reactions and
on the kinematics of multifragmentation will be presented.


Presentation (pdf)

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