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Microscopic approaches for nuclear dynamics using energy density functional formalism

B. Avez (Irfu - CEA/Saclay)

When 2008-10-10
from 11:00 am à 12:00 pm
Where salle des séminaires du GANIL
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Microscopic approaches based on Energy Density Functional (EDF) formalism are a tool of choice to study low energy nuclear reactions. In particular, it allows the description of nuclear structure and dynamics on the same footing, and has a broad range of applications, from the study of small amplitude collective motion, like giant resonances, to more complex low energy nuclear reactions like fusion at the barrier.

In the main part of this talk, I will present results of nuclear dynamics including pairing correlations using the time-dependent Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov (TDHFB) formalism. In its small amplitude limit, it is a tool of choice to study Giant resonances in superfluid nuclei, and is equivalent to QRPA. In particular, I will focus on pairing vibrations driven by pairing correlations. I apply for the first time the TDHFB formalism with a full Skyrme energy density functional to the study of Giant Pairing Vibrations in some Oxygen and Calcium isotopes.


Presentation (pdf)

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