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Neutron correlations viewed through nuclear break-up

M. Assié (GANIL-IPN Orsay)

When 2008-11-28
from 11:00 am à 12:00 pm
Where salle des séminaires du GANIL
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The possibility to use nuclear break-up as a probe for neutron correlations has been investigated both from an experimental and a theoretical point of view.
A theory beyond mean-field, called TDDM^ P, taking into account some two-body correlations has been developed. The dynamical evolution of a correlated nuclei can be described and especially nuclear break-up. This study enables to understand the influence of initial correlations between nucleons on the nucleons emission and shows that nuclear-break-up is sensitive to the initial correlations.
From an experimental point of view, correlations between the two neutrons in the halo of the borromean nucleus 6He have been investigated. Its ground state is predicted to have two dominant configurations: the di-neutron configuration where the two neutrons are very close to each other and the cigar configuration, where the two neutrons are on opposite side with respect to the core. Nuclear break-up of $^6$He on a lead target has been studied at GANIL with a SPIRAL beam. Angular correlation functions extracted from data were extracted.


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