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2010 Seminars

News Item Study of 9He nucleus via the transfer reaction d(8He, p) at 15.4 MeV/n. - 17 December 2010
PhD Tarek Al Kalanee (LPC Caen) - Salle Gilles Iltis (LPC) -15h
News Item The information content of a new observable - 17 December 2010
Witek Nazarewicz (ORNL-USA)-GANIL seminar room 11h
News Item Quantum nuclear many-body dynamics and related aspects - 16 December 2010
HDR Denis Lacroix - GANIL Guest House - 14h00
News Item The demise of vibrational excitations in the Cd isotopes - 13 December 2010
Paul Garrett (Univ. Guelph-Canada, Tech. Univ Munchen-Germany )
News Item Monopole oscillations in light nuclei with a molecular dynamics approach - 30 November 2010
K. Hasnaoui (Tohoku University, Japan)
News Item Radioactive ion beam development for the SPIRAL 2 project. - 26 November 2010
PhD Alexandre Pichard-GANIL Guest House-10h45
News Item Probing the Structure of Exotic Nuclei by Dedicated Laser-Spectroscopy Methods: Recent Highlights and Perspectives - 19 November 2010
D. T. Yordanov (CERN-COLLAPS collaboration) - 11h - GANIL seminar room
News Item Complex fragment production in heavy ion collisions within di-nuclear system model - 15 November 2010
S. Kalandarov (JINR - Dubna)
News Item Study of actinides fission induced by multi-nucleon transfer reactions in inverse kinematics - 27 October 2010
PhD Xavier DERKX - GANIL Guest House - 14h
News Item Cross section measurements using surrogate reactions at FRIB - 26 October 2010
J. T. Burke (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)-11h-room 105
News Item Stochastic semi-classical description of sub-barrier fusion reactions - 22 October 2010
B. Yilmaz (Ankara University) -11h- room 105
News Item TAS measurements for reactor physics and nuclear structure - 15 October 2010
A. Algora -IFIC (CSIC-Univ. Valencia), Valencia, Spain- 11h GANIL room (105)
News Item Fusion and direct reactions around the Coulomb barrier with the neutron-rich 8He - 20 September 2010
PhD Antoine LEMASSON - GANIL Guest House - 9h45
News Item Ab initio nuclear theory – recent progress and near-term prospects - 06 September 2010
Prof. James Vary (Iowa State university, USA)
News Item Short-lived binary splits of an excited projectile-like fragment induced by transient deformation - 09 July 2010
Sylvie HUDAN (Indiana, USA)
News Item Second Random Phase Approximation with Skyrme Interaction - 02 July 2010
Danilo Gambacurta (Catane Italy)
News Item Examinations of isospin effects in multi-dimensional Langevin fission dynamics - 30 June 2010
P. N. Nadtochy (Omsk State University, Russia)
News Item The Tandem-ALTO facility - 18 June 2010
Fadi Ibrahim (IPN Orsay)
News Item Exploring the Island of Inversion by a two neutron transfer reaction at REX-ISOLDE - 16 June 2010
K. Wimmer (T.U. Munchen-Germany)
News Item Radiative capture γ-decay in the 12C+12C and 12C+16O systems : present status and future with PARIS - 04 June 2010
Dorothée Lebhertz (GANIL)
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