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Studies for nuclear structure and astrophysics at IGISOL

Anu Kankainen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

11h30 GANIL Guest House

a coffee will be served 15mn before


In this talk, I will review recent results and measurements done for nuclear structure and astrophysics at the IGISOL facility in JYFL-ACCLAB at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. By employing stable beams from the K-130 cyclotron, both neutron-deficient and neutron-rich radioactive low-energy ion beams can be produced at the IGISOL facility. More than 300 atomic masses have been measured with the JYFLTRAP double Penning trap over the years. Recently, we have performed high-precision mass measurements of e.g. 31Cl, 52Co and neutron-rich rare-earth nuclei. In addition, novel ion-manipulation methods at JYFLTRAP have been used to provide clean beams for various post-trap decay spectroscopy experiments.


This talk and visit has been supported by the bilateral mobility grant from the Institut Français in Finland, the Embassy of France in Finland, the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Finnish Society of Science and Letters.

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