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From known nuclei to nuclear extremes: a journey within the CDFT framework

A. Afanasjev (Mississippi State University)

11h GANIL seminar room (105)

a coffee will be served 15mn before


The physics of nuclei at nuclear extremes (neutron-rich and superheavy
nuclei) and the question of reliability of theoretical predictions for such systems
are of paramount importance considering the construction of next generation
facilities such as FRIB, FAIR, SHE Factory etc which will be operational
in the beginning of next decade. In my presentation I will consider
a number of issues which have been studied in the framework of covariant
density functional theory (CDFT). I will start from the global assessment of
the performance of the CDFT in the description of different facets of known
nuclei. It will cover ground state properties, singe-particle degrees of freedom,
rotating nuclei and fission. Based on this background, I will consider
the extrapolations to nuclear limits such as neutron-rich nuclei up to the
neutron-drip line and superheavy nuclei. Predictive power of the models
at these limits will be discussed with proper quantification of theoretical

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