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Fission properties of nuclei in the 180Hg region

Igor Tsekanovich (CENBG)

11h30 GANIL seminar room (105)

a coffee will be served 15mn before

The nuclei in the region of 180Hg are different from the actinides traditionally used for fission studies, from the viewpoint of their fission barriers, separation energies and proton-to-neutron ratios. Will they also reveal different fission features?
No doubts about the answer existed before 2010, when the asymmetric mass distribution of the 180Hg nucleus was discovered in a beta-delayed fission of 180Tl in an experiment at ISOLDE (CERN). This much unexpected observation promptly attracted extensive attention from both theory and experimental sides.
In the talk, current status of the research in the 180Hg region will be given, covering most important experimental and theory findings. In addition, new data on fission properties of 178Pt (mass-energy distribution, modes of fission) will be presented and their importance discussed. Several important questions concerning future experimental efforts in the region of interest will be highlighted, with a special emphasis put at the expected Ganil contribution from the ongoing and possible future experiments.

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