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Challenges of parallel ESS cryoplants installation and commissioning activities

Philipp Arnold (ESS, Lund, Sweden)

9h00 GANIL room 105



The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a neutron-scattering facility being built with extensive international collaboration in Lund, Sweden. The worlds most powerful linear proton accelerator shoots protons against a rotating tungsten target where neutrons are knocked off (“spallate”) and are guided to the neutron instrument suites. Three cryogenic plants and a vast cryogenic distribution system serve the cooling needs of the superconducting RF cavities in the accelerator, the cold hydrogen moderators in the target, a cryomodule test stand and the sample environments for neutron instruments. The projects demand on schedule and economical feasibility require a high degree of parallel work for installation and commissioning of the cryogenic and auxiliary systems.

The resulting challenges in aspects like safety, interface control, utility management and planning for the phases of installation and pre-commissioning shall be discussed in this talk. The current status of the ESS cryogenic system and learned lessons are addressed as well.

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