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Probing Neutron-Rich Nuclei with Proton Targets

Nancy Paul-Hupin (DRF/IRFU/DPHN/LENA, CEA-Saclay)

11h00 GANIL seminar room (105)

a coffee will be served 15mn before


Nucleon removal reactions from radioactive beams have become a tool of choice to study the most exotic nuclei. I will present two recent results obtained via nucleon removal on the thick liquid hydrogen target of the MINOS system. The first study focuses on the spectroscopy of 110Zr, where the emergence of a subshell closure at N=70 has been long considered a potential explanation for the disagreement between theory and observed abundances of the heavy elements near mass 130 resulting from the rapid neutron capture process. The subshell closure in 110Zr, though unlikely, could result from either from a tetrahedral or spherical symmetry in this nucleus due to a weakening of the N=82 shell closure. Our results, obtained with MINOS and the DALI2 scintillator array at the RIBF, show that this nucleus is well deformed, and no evidence is found for a N=70 subshell closure. A complementary study explores the systematics of approximately 60 inclusive cross sections for (p,2p) and (p,pn) reactions on the MINOS target. Comparison with semi-classical INCL and Fragmentation-Evaporation models suggest that the systematics can be explained by the important role of pairing correlations in direct reactions for exotic nuclei.

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