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Quark Gluon Plasma- Discovery and Importance

Dinesh Kumar Srivastava (Goethe University, Frankfurt & Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata)

11h00 GANIL seminar room (105)

a coffee will be served 15mn before


The extreme energy densities generated in relativistic heavy ion collision of nuclei at RHIC and LHC has led to production of quark gluon plasma- a deconfined strongly interacting matter which filled the nascent universe a a few micro-seconds after the Big Bang. Its discovery and enunciation of its properties remains one of the best orchestrated international efforts in nuclear physics. We introduce some of the important signatures of its formation, e.g., chemical equilibration of produced hadrons, electromagnetic radiations- providing the initial temperature of the plasma, jet´quenching or suppressed production of high momentum particles- providing the opacity of the plasma, and elliptic flow suggesting that we have produced most perfect fluid with the smallest viscosity known so far etc. We close by touching the physics issues to be addressed by the CBM experiment at FAIR and Future Circular Collider.

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