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Mixed symmetry states in N=84 nuclei from 88Kr till 98Pd

Jan Jolie (University of Koln, Germany)

11h00 GANIL seminar room (105)

a coffee will be served 15mn before


In the neutron-proton version of the interacting boson model neutron and proton bosons are distinguishable, leading to new classes of states in which protons and neutrons behave partially out of phase. These so-called mixed-symmetry states were firmly established in deformed nuclei in the eighties by the observation of the 1+ scissor state. Analog states are predicted for vibrational and gamma unstable even-even nuclei with a 2+ state as lowest state. Following the discovery of several mixed symmetry states in 94Mo, systematic studies in other N=84 nuclei have been performed. They will be presented with an emphasis on the different experimental techniques that have been used.

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