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Relativistic nuclear field theory: recent developments on proton-neutron response and finite temperature

Elena Litvinova (Department of Physics, Western Michigan University & National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, USA)

15h30 GANIL alpha room

a coffee will be served 15mn before


Recent developments of the relativistic nuclear field theory (RNFT) for proton-neutron direct and pairing channels will be discussed. The general framework, which advances the Quantum Hadrodynamics (QHD) beyond the one-loop approximation, is formulated in terms of the general equation of motion method for two-fermion Green functions. This provides a direct link to ab initio theories and allows for a fair assessment of the accuracy of the approach.

Presently RNFT connects consistently the high-energy scale of heavy mesons, the medium-energy range of the pion and the low-energy domain of emergent collective vibrations (phonons) in a parameter-free way. It will be shown how mesons and phonons build up the in-medium nucleon-nucleon interaction in the spin-isospin transfer channels, in particular, how the phonon-exchange part takes care of the leading-order retardation effects. In this framework we explore the Gamow-Teller response of neutron-rich nuclei and the proton-neutron pair transfer in N=Z nuclei. Latest developments on the finite-temperature formalism will be discussed as well.

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