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Intellectual Challenges of SPIRAL 2 and Future Facilities at GANIL

1st and 2nd April, 2004 - GANIL, France

The accelerator and experimental facilities at GANIL will be transformed over the next 5-10 years. The centrepiece of the additions to the accelerator complex will be SPIRAL 2. This is the first phase of a new radioactive beam facility based on the ISOL principle. At the heart of SPIRAL 2 will be a new superconducting linear accelerator, which will act as the “driver” accelerator, producing deuterons of 40 MeV energy at sufficient intensity to get a total fission rate of more than 1013 fissions per second in a depleted Uranium target. Such a machine is a multi-beam, high intensity driver (light and heavy ions with an energy up to 14.5 MeV/nucleon), which means that other reaction mechanisms can also be exploited. It is also capable of being upgraded to much higher energies. The main aim of SPIRAL 2 will be to produce intense, high quality beams of neutron-rich nuclei created in neutron-induced fission of heavy elements and accelerated by the existing CIME cyclotron. The facility and its associated equipment will be designed and constructed by GANIL and other French laboratories supported by CEA and IN2P3 and it is expected that it will also receive support from INFN (Italy), GSI (Germany), UK scientists and others.

The principal aims of this workshop will be

a) to publicise the new facilities,

b) to discuss and define the science which might be carried out with them,

c) to discuss the instrumentation and infrastructure required to exploit the new facilities and

d) to help form collaborations of scientists wishing to design and construct the equipment needed to undertake the science programme.

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