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Prospectives in Nuclear astrophysics with SPIRAL2

October 17th-18th - Caen, France

We propose a two day meeting on the "Prospectives in Nuclear astrophysics with SPIRAL2" to be held in GANIL on the 17th and 18th of October.
The aim of the workshop is to emphasize the opening exciting questions in the various subtopics of nuclear astrophysics, and to define to what extent the SPIRAL2 facility could solve some of these questions. The envisaged topics are related to the slow and rapid neutron capture nucleosynthesis, the understanding of novae explosion inconnection to recent and forthcoming obseravtions, the energy generation in x-ray bursts through the rapid proton capture process.

The technical requirements to achieve these goals will be examined. They include for instance:

  • the secondary beam production, intensity and energy
  • the detector systems in synergy with other subfields of nuclear physics
  • the spectrometers
  • handling and isotopic separation of radioactive targets

This workshop will enable to establish collaborations between laboratories which would share technical and theoretical knowledge and contribute in various aspects of the project.

The outcome of this workshop will be to write Letters of Intent concerning the very first Key experiment with SPIRAL2. These letters should include a detailed list of requirements and a tentative list of people who are interested to work in the various aspects of the experiment.

This workshop is widely opened to the whole nuclear physics community, including for instance reaction mechanisms, nuclear spectroscopy and theory.

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