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October 19th-21st - Caen, France

The aim of this workshop is to review the physics case for the study of nuclear reactions with SPIRAL2, with a particular emphasis on specifying and discussing the related instrumentation. The workshop will aim to promote collaborative efforts. The ultimate goal is to form working groups that will design and construct new of upgraded instrumentation for use with SPIRAL2 beams.

The REACTIONS workshop will be held at GANIL from Wednesday, October 19 at 9 :00am to Friday, October 21 at 1:00pm. It is centered around invited talks covering topics making use of both radioactive beams and high intensity stable beams and discussion sessions on related instrumentation.

There will be an opportunity for oral presentation of a rather limited number of short contributions outlining new ideas for physics or instrumentation for SPIRAL2. For more information please read the first circular on this site. Registration deadline is September 5. Registration and abstract submission must be done on-line on this website.

List of discussion sessions and discussion leaders
Topic Likely experimental equipment Leaders
Reaction Spectroscopy Particle array, neutron array Didier Beaumel (IPN Orsay)
Roy Lemmon (Daresbury)
Nigel Orr (LPC Caen)
Spectrometer/Separator Separator(s) for SHE and for A~80 beam
in Linag beam room
Francesco Cappuzello (Catania)
Antoine Drouart (CEA Saclay)
Antonio Villari (Ganil)
Dynamics Particle array Giacomo Poggi (Firenze)
Rémi Bourgault (LPC Caen)
Active target TPC for transfer and resonant scattering Lola Cortinal-Gil (Santiago de Comp.)
Patricia Roussel-Chomaz (Ganil)
Target technology Cryogenic targets (included polarised) and
high power targets for intense stable beams. 
Dieter Ackerman (GSI Darmstadt)
Alain Gillibert (CEA Saclay)

Looking forward to your active participation,

The organizing committee

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