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International Workshop on Multifragmentation and Related Topics - 2011

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The 10th anniversary edition of the "International Workshop on Multifragmentation and related topics - IWM2011" was held at GANIL from 2nd to 5th November 2011.

Since 2001 the IWM conferences, created and driven by the CHIMERA and INDRA collaborations, have brought together a wide international community from heavy-ion physics in order to debate open questions in the domain of nuclear dynamics and thermodynamics. The conference featured plenary sessions devoted to the following topics :
  • Thermodynamics of finite nuclei & nuclear matter
  • Isospin and symmetry energy: from the laboratory to compact stars
  • Physics with low-energy radioactive beams
  • Dynamics of heavy-ion collisions
  • Correlations, dynamics and structure
  • Instrumentation and new detection techniques
Each session began with an overview of current status of the topic given by an invited keynote speaker, a world-leading expert in the field, followed by participants' presentations chosen from the submitted abstracts. Both oral and poster presentations will be published in the Workshop proceedings.

Presentations are now online!

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