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LISE-ICC users meeting 2016

December 12-14, 2016 - Caen, France






In order to be informed about recent experimental achievements, technical developments on the spectrometer and detector systems and to organize the LISE scientific community around future experiments,  we propose to organize a new meeting 



from December 12 (2pm) to December 14 (5pm) 2016 at the GANIL guesthouse.


This workshop is a follow-up of the ones organized In January and December last year, in which ambitious scientific programs were discussed in the topics of shell evolution, nuclear clustering and pairing, physics at the drip lines, nuclear astrophysics, soft/giant/collective modes, fundamental properties of nuclei, exotic decay modes, study of super heavy elements as well as the equation of state of nuclear matter.  


These experimental programs as well as associated technical developments were presented a year ago at the Scientific Council of GANIL and received a very strong support.


Following the last workshop, a first campaign of experiment will be in principle scheduled  in spring 2017. We can discuss if others could be added, taking advantage of an already mounted setup.


During the last meeting, other experimental programs addressing shell evolution, giant modes  were discussed: we propose to discuss the status of these programs  and which strategy to adopt for their completion.


This workshop will last 2.5 days, with a social dinner on dec 13th.


The program of the  first 1.5 days will consist of feedbacks from previous experiments,  on reports on  technical upgrades of the LISE spectrometer and tests related to slowed-down beams in LISE and the use of CAVIAR, a  summary of the forthcoming campaign and the possibility to add (one or two) further experiments to it, as well as an extensive discussion of future programs. The last (or half day) will be  dedicated to close discussions between the proponents of  experimental campaigns and the GANIL technical support (mechanics, electronics, detection). 


This workshop is open to  new comers, interested to join any of the experimental campaign/work and wishes to come out with new ideas. 


Please book these dates in your agenda. 


A tentative program will be elaborated with the help of conveners and will be distributed around mid- November. 


Participants are encouraged to submit oral contributions before Nov 26th  that will further encourage discussions upon a future scientific program during the workshop. We can propose few financial supports for the venue to the workshop, but we need to be informed as soon as possible and before Nov 15th. The contact person is Sabrina Lecerf (


 For sake of efficiency in the discussions, we plan to restrict the number of participants to 60. Therefore we encourage the participants to register as soon as possible.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at GANIL for this workshop.


The local organizing committee:

ML Abavent

M. Grar

L. Fortin


The scientific organizing committee:

F. de Oliveira

J. Gibelin

GF Grinyer


C. Stodel

O. Sorlin

J.C. Thomas


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