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Normandie Incubation contributes to the creation of startups companies based on innovative projects issued of research labs.



In the year 2000, GANIL with the university (UCBN) and the engineer school (ENSICAEN) founded the incubator "Normandie Incubation".

The main goal of this structure is to help to the development of innovative projects coming from or bounded to the academic research. After a selection trough an independent comity, the projects become companies, and stay in the incubator about two years.

In 2012, a new possibility was offered to new starting projects, consisting in  a set oh helps for maturation in the labs, to validate some criteria before the projects come in the incubator.



The direction of the incubator and most of the projects are located in the CIT (500m from GANIL) two or three  projects are still accommodated in the GANIL.

The chairmanship alternates between the founding members; in 2013, Pierre SINEUX, head of the university (UCBN, Universit√© de Caen-Basse Normandie) was the chairman of the incubator; in 2014, Florent STALEY, Director of GANIL  succeeded him, and in 2015, Pierre SINEUX again. In 2016, the ENSICAEN Director will chair the Normandie Incubation Structure.

Up to now,  93 projects were selected, and more than 65 startup companies were created (offering more than 380 new jobs)

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 These projects have been accomodated at GANIL

logo kochka 2002-2004Created in 2004, the company works on innovativ process for mastering of CD, DVD and any optical device
logo quertech 2004-2005

Created in 2005, Quertech Ingenierie works on implantation of nitrogen ions in aluminium, using ECR sources, to enhance the hardness of aluminium.

 logo starnav 2006-2008

Created in 2007, the Star Nav company is expert in star tracking systems.

EYE TRACKER: human machine interface system based on the eye movements

logo inphynix2007-2009Created in 2008, Inphynix is involved in sensors and mesuring, specially in the domain of very low magnetic fields
logo biopic 2009-2011The BIOTIC project works on mesuring some physiological parameters in animal health (horse, cows...)
logo ophtimalia2009-2011Ophtimalia develops, industrializes and commercializes innovative electronic solutions dedicated to the diagnostics and the treatment of eye pathologies. Initially, Ophtimalia focuses on portable systems measuring the intra-ocular pressure continously, to assist in the diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma
logo aykow2009-2011

AYKOW has developed a radon detector, and provides systems to monitor and optimize the radon mitigation process

 2010-2012GREENSYSTECH SAS is a french startup based in Caen that operates in clean technologies for electronics applications. Founded by an R&D engineer from the semiconductor industry, some of its projects are realised in partnership with public research laboratories or innovative companies.



The project Engineering Composite 3D (EC3D) concerns the conception and the development of new core materials from a wide range of material (thermoplastic, aluminium alloy, carbon fibre...).
The purpose is to elaborate structures presenting an improved performance-to-weight ratio with regard to the conventional honeycomb, for structural applications within sandwiches materials in wide-ranging domains (aeronautical, rail, wind energy, transport, water sport...).


HPE Ingredients is a new project, which was selected in September 2012 for the incubator.

The aim of this project is to work on a bio-technological innovation concerning characterization and extraction of interesting molecules from snails


Orthonova is a project which was selected in March 2013.

The aim of this project is:

A new generation of hip prosthesis for patients under 65 years old

 logo equienergie2013-2015

The project Equienergie was selected in June 2013.

Equienergie is an innovating company whose process converts plant biomass into green pellet. This green fuel destined to local authorities or private lodgings is very cheap.

The company was created in November 2013, under the name of "GreenResearch"




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