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Cave G4

Irradiation cave for use with medium (CSS1 or CIME) or high (CSS2) energy ion beams


The cave G4 is the specific cave to realize industrial applications of GANIL beams. One line (G41) is fully dedicated to industrial applications.


beam line g41


  • Two scanning magnets (Horizontal & Vertical) allow an irradiation area of about 50 x 4 cm.
  • Irradiation occurs in the air, behind a thin (10 µm) stainless steel window.
  • On line monitoring of the beam intensity through ionisation chamber (low intensities), or secondary emission detector (high intensities).



Specific devices have been built in collaboration with industry to perform  two main types of irradiation:


  For more information, please contact either

Jean-Claude Foy (industrial/biological irradiation), Jacques Cacitti (general technical questions);

Marie-Hélène Moscatello (industrial applications) or John Frankland (physics coordinator).

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