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Irradiation of polymeric films

Dedicated equipment for irradiation of polymeric films: roller device, characteristics, beams possibilities...

The cave G4 is equipped with a roller device which allows irradiation of polymeric films according to the next figure:


 production of microporous membranes

  • The maximum width of the film is 50 cm
  • Possibility of different angles of incidence of the ions on the film.
  • Mechanical adjustments allow five speed ranges for irradiation.
  • Range

    Minimum speed


    Maximum speed



 *: to be confirmed

  •  GANIL beams (heavy ions, high energy and large intensity) allow real industrial production with various ion tracks density (up to 109 pps/cm2 )
  • Most used beam: Xe 7.6 MeV/u, Kr 10.5 MeV/u
  • Some samples can be done on demand; please contact: Technology Transfer Office



a Belgian company, IT4IP S.A., developing products based on ion track technology on polymers, works with the GANIL heavy ions beams since a few years.


           it4ip web site




The roller device for irradiation of polymeric films, situated in the cave G4 at GANIL


roller device


More information on the characteristics of the roller are  here (pdf document)


Last update: July 29th, 2015


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