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To develop and run the facility, a very large field of technologies are used at GANIL, most of them at the forefront of progress. Every type of collaboration are conceivable (expertise, collaborative research, licensing of patents or know-how...).

The main domains of possible technological tranfers are:


  • Ion sources (ECR technology)


The GANIL Ion Sources staff has a confirmed expertise in the domain of ECR ion sources; they have taken out a first patent (CEA & CNRS) in the year 1991.


monobob       ecs


The PANTECHNIK company was created in the same year to exploit and develop these technologies; the collaboration goes on with this company which exploits now other patents (CEA & CNRS) , and  a collaborative research agreement has recently been signed in the aim of new common developments in multi-charged ion sources. A common talk was recently given to ECRIS 2010 in Grenoble (France).


logo pantechnik    


The Pantechnik company is installed 30 km from GANIL, in 14400 BAYEUX (France)


  • Sensors and detectors


For beam line control as well as for physical experiments, sensors and detectors are conceived and developed at GANIL. This includes front-end electronics, as well as coding and high speed data acquisition and storage.

Most of these items could be transfered to industrial companies, and collaborative research is also possible in this domain.


faraday cup        detecteur detail


  •  Sensors and detectors


For most of the technologies which are being used at GANIL, assistance, advices and expertise can be brought to external companies; in some cases, development of collaborative projects is possible. This includes specially the domains listed below. Please, contact us, we can probably help you, either directly or through our relationships with the other research labs in Basse-Normandie, as well as in france through our technology transfer networks (CEA-DSM, and CNRS-IN2P3).


  • mechanical engineering (design office, simulations, ...)
  • electronics (digital, analogical, high power, radio frequencies,...)
  • computer sciences (modelling, simulations, operating systems and networking, real time systems,...)
  • vacuum  technology
  • magnetism (calculation, mesurement...)


 For further information, please send an e-mail to Technology Transfer Office

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