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Ion beams for industry, technology transfers, collaborative research, incubator ...


Industrial applications of the beams
technology transfers
industrial relationships
GANIL is today one of the four largest laboratories in the world for research using beams of ions. The construction of the SPIRAL2 facility constitute a real technical and scientific advance for both France and Europe. GANIL will stay a leading facility for various fields of basic research in nuclear physics. Nevertheless a real place is reserved for industrial applications of the beams delivered by the facility. Very low-, low-, medium- or high energy beams are available for various industrial users.
To develop and run this facility, a very large field of technologies are used at GANIL, most of them at the forefront of progress. Every type of collaboration are conceivable (expertise, collaborative research, licensing of patents or know-how...).
Fully involved in the socioeconomic environment of the Basse-Normandie, GANIL is a founding member of Normandie Incubation, and is working together with other research centers and technology transfer structures.

ligne g41 bandeau

 The dedicated beam line for industrial applications


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