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Study of a nucleosynthesis process occurring in supernovae

Experimental nuclear astrophysics

Various astrophysical scenarios lead to the production of atomic nuclei composing the matter. They involve different nucleosynthesis processes. The p-process is responsible for the formation of rare, stable proton-rich nuclei. According to the dominant scenario, it would take place during supernovae, via a chain of photodesintegration reactions. Such scenario has to be confirmed or moderated by a precise knowledge of the involved reactions. 

A scientific program, lead by physics of GANIL and IPN Lyon, which aim to study some of the most important reactions by measuring proton and alpha capture cross sections at the SPIRAL2 facility is under construction. The measurements will be performed by gamma spectroscopy (activation or in-beam depending on the reaction of interest). The foreseen in-beam gamma ray spectroscopy studies will take advantage of the high efficiency and resolution performances of the new generation multi-detectors such as PARIS.

During the master training, the student will work at IPN Lyon on the definition of the best experimental setup configurations, which optimizes these performances, through GEANT4 simulations and considering the following key reactions: 74Ge(p,g)75As and 70Ge(a,g)74Se. The simulations will be developed and supervised within the IPN Lyon group.


This internship leads to a PhD supervised by GANIL and IPNL.

Contact : Camille Ducoin

IPN Lyon

Tél. 04 72 43 13 41

Fax : 02 31 45 44 21

e-mail :


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