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Study and characterisation of the SPIRAL2 beam diagnostics

PhD in instrumentation and accelerator ahysics

The BPM (Beam Position Monitor) diagnostics have a major role in the SPIRAL2 LINAC tuning. These diagnostics and their instrumentation enable to monitor the 4 following beam characteristics: position, phase, energy and the ellipticity.

The subject of this thesis is the study of the parameters (energy, position, shape and intensity) which influence these different beam characteristics. Determine the relation between the diagnostic mechanical tolerances and the measurement accuracy.

This work will qualify the measurement errors from the diagnostic to the electronic device and will be composed by the following parts:

  • Studies of the measurement principles from the BPM diagnostics
  • Simulation of the BPM signals produce by the beam electric field by varying the influencing parameters
  • Simulation of the BPM signals produce by an antenna by varying the influencing parameters
  • Measurement analyses done in laboratory on a test bench
  • Compare the results with measurements done with a beam at the exit of the SPIRAL2 RFQ

The final purpose is to make a synthesis between electromagnetic simulations with the beams and the experimental figures obtained from the test bench and with ion beams from SPIRAL2 injector. This synthesis will give the BPM accuracies on the position, phase, energy and the ellipticity measurements.


Expected skills: Theoretical knowledge in electromagnetism, skills in instrumentation and physics of accelerators


Contact :  Christophe Jamet

GANIL, BP 5027, 14 076 Caen cedex 05

Tel. 02 31 45 47 73

Fax : 02 31 45 44 21 

e-mail :

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