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Nuclear structure at the extremes of isospin and spin

PhD in experimental nuclear physics

The thesis addresses an open question, viz., how do the internal properties of the complex many-body quantum system, the nucleus, evolve when there is an imbalance of neutron to protons (compared stable nuclei) AND simultaneously undergoing fast rotation. Studies have shown the presence of new phenomena like new shapes, change of shell structure etc. occur in “exotic” short lived nuclei for large (neutron-proton asymmetry, N/Z). The present proposal will explore the presence of new phenomena as a function of isospin AND spin in particular around doubly magic 13282Sn126.  The experiment work will use the VAMOS++ magnetic spectrometer and the Advance GAmmaTracking Array (AGATA) to study the prompt gamma rays emitted from the isotopically identified  fission fragments produced in inverse kinematic reactions at energies around the Coulomb barrier  increasing the selectivity and sensitivity by at least an order of magnitude over other methods. The proof of principle has been earlier demonstrated using VAMOS++ and the EXOGAM gamma array. The characterization of the excited states of a large number of fission fragments produced (~400) over a range of elements over a large range of isospin (neutron-proton asymmetry, N/Z) and angular momentum will be made. The results of these investigations, in addition to unraveling the nuclear structure of unknown nuclei, will allow us to compare with nuclear models and thus probe the nuclear interaction under new conditions and understand the evolution of nuclear structure under extreme conditions.

The candidate will contribute, within an international team, in preparing the experimental setup involving the VAMOS++ spectrometer and gamma-ray array AGATA; to the analysis and the interpretation of experimental data and finally the communication of the results (publications, at schools and workshops, conferences). He/She will have the opportunity to interact with a large international community of scientists involved in the ongoing experimental program involving the VAMOS++ spectrometer and the AGATA gamma-ray tracking array.

Expected skills  

- Interest in experimental and theoretical physics, knowledge of nuclear instrumentation

- Good proficiency in programming (C/C++)

- Good proficiency in English


Contact :  Navin ALAHARI

GANIL, BP 5027, 14 076 Caen cedex 05

Tél. 02 31 45 44 51

Fax : 02 31 45 44 21

e-mail :


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