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Above-barrier narrow resonances in 15F

PhD thesis in experimental nuclear structure and astrophysics

The unbound nucleus 15F was theoretically predicted and recently measured to have one J=1/2- excited state, located above the Coulomb and centrifugal barriers, described as a 13N core and two quasi-bound protons on the 2s1/2 orbital, making it a narrow state. We have a new experiment accepted at GANIL, which will use a radioactive beam of 14O, to improve our understanding of the structure of 15F nucleus. The main objectives of the thesis will be:

  • To observe for the first time the gamma decay of the 1/2- state to the broad unbound ground state: 1H(14O,γ)15Fgs(p’)14O.
  • To measure the resonant elastic scattering reaction 1H(14O,p)14O that will populate the different excited states in 15F.
  • To measure the inelastic scattering reactions 1H(14O,pp)13N and 1H(14O,p’)14O*(p’’)13N, that would be a signature of the simultaneous or sequential two proton decay of 15F
  • To apply by calculations this kind of reaction mechanism (gamma,p) in the astrophysical context of the X-ray bursts.

It will be mainly an experimental work, but there will be ~1/4 of theory for the understanding and the application to astrophysics. This thesis will be in collaboration with another group of Orsay / Paris and the candidate will stay some time with them.


Expected skills:  High interest in physics, quantum mechanics, astrophysics


Contact :    Francois De Oliveira Santos

GANIL, BP 5027, 14 076 Caen cedex 05

Tél. 02 31 45 47 40

 Fax : 02 31 45 44 21 

e-mail :

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