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Submit a proposal

To perform an interdisciplinary experiment at GANIL, calls for beam time allocation are open on an annual basis. For the next call, the proposals should be received not later than November 12th, 2015.



 The proposals should be received not later than November 12th, 2015 


by regular mail to:
"CIMAP-CIRIL, iPAC committee, BP 5133, 14070 CAEN CEDEX 5, France"

or, preferred, by e-mail to:

(If sent by e-mail, only Microsoft Word and PDF compatibles files will be considered)


Next meeting of the Interdisciplinary Program Advirory Committee: January 2016




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Experiment proposal

To perform an experiment at GANIL, a proposal has to be submitted to the Program Advisory Committee for the Interdisciplinary Research at GANIL (iPAC). There are one or two meetings every year during which the proposals for all GANIL beams are examined.

The proposal has to include the proposal for experiment form and a description of the experiment including physics motivations, references, as well as technical details of the experiment demonstrating its feasibility.

It is recommended to contact one of the CIMAP-CIRIL researchers before submitting your proposal.


Submitted proposals should include :
- the proposal for experiment form,
- a concise description of the experiment including the motivations,

- beam time and ion choice justification,
- references, as well as technical details of the experiment demonstrating its feasibility,
- status of previous experiments dealing with a similar subject performed at GANIL by the proposers (status of the analysis and related publications).



 Each written proposal will be sent to two experts chosen in a list of international experts. The referees have agreed to take part in these evaluations and their names will be kept confidential. A committee, the iPAC, constituted by only 6 representative members will harmonize the evaluation of the experts and will establish the beam-time recommendations.

Each proposal is ranked and each spokesperson receives recommendation from the Committee.


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The experiment

  •  Before the experiment

Each experiment approved by the Committee is supported by a Contact Physicist and a technician from the CIMAP laboratory.

Before the experiment, the beam coordinator contacts the spokesperson to establish the beam schedule.

When the experiment is scheduled, some extra-forms may be filled:

- A technical information form for the machine indicating your beam request (to be return to the "Service d'Exploitation")

- An information form accompanied by medical certificates

If you have some special requests for your experiment (computer connection, vacuum, mechanical…), please contact your contact technician before your arrival.

You have the possibility to obtain a bedroom at the "maison d'hôtes" at GANIL. Please, contact the GANIL at the following phone number: +33 (0) 2 31 45 46 37 (you have to indicate your experiment number).

  •  During the experiment

When you arrive at GANIL, your access card to the experimental area, your active dosimeter and eventually your bedroom key should be obtained at the GANIL welcome desk.

  •  After the experiment

Return your access card, your dosimeter and, if necessary, pay your accommodation fees.

Your materials, your samples and your targets must be controlled by the Radiation Safety Department (Service de Radioprotection) before leaving the GANIL.


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Publication of the results obtained with the GANIL beams should contain in the first page the following indication: "experiment performed with the beam of the Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds (Caen)" and, the contribution of the CIRIL should be clearly indicated.
Don't forget to send a pre-print to the CIRIL


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