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Group Members

GANIL Group Members:          

  • M.Blaizot (STP/GAP)      Hardware design and support
  • P.Bourgault (STP/GAP)   Hardware design and support
  • S.Damoy (STP/GDP)       Design and technical support
  • B.Duclos (STP/GAP)       Electronics command and control software
  • G.Fremont (PHY)           Technical support
  • P.Gangnant (STP/BE)     WP coordinator - Mechanical Design
  • J.Goupil (STP/GDP)        HV and gas handling technical support
  • G.F.Grinyer (PHY)          Scientific Coordinator and PI
  • A.Laffoley (PHY)            Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • S.Lecerf (PHY)               Administrative assistant
  • L.Legeard (STP/GAP)     Analysis software technical support
  • C.Maugeais (STP/GAP)  Run control software technical support
  • B.Mauss (PHY)               PhD Student
  • M.Michel (STP/BE)         Thermal and mechanical calculations
  • J.Pancin (STP/GDP)        Technical Coordinator
  • T.Roger (PHY)               WP coordinator - Detector Tests
  • F.Saillant (STP/GAP)      WP coordinator - Software and Acquisition
  • C.Spitaels (PHY)            Technical support
  • K.Turzo (DIR)                Communications manager and ERC liason
  • V.Vandevoorde (DIR)     Financial officer
  • G.Voltolini (STP)            Facility installation support
  • G.Wittwer (STP/GAP)     WP coordinator - Electronics
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