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Workshop 2015



Physics Projects (November 18)

  • E.C.Pollacco (CEA Saclay) - Introduction and welcome [.pdf]
  • G.F.Grinyer (GANIL) - Introduction and goals of the meeting [.pdf]
  • R.Raabe (Leuven) - SpecMAT: Spectroscopy in a magnetic active target [.pdf]
  • A.Blanc (ILL) - FIPPS: Fission product prompt gamma-ray spectrometer [.pdf]
  • T.Roger (GANIL) - ACTAR TPC Demonstrator [.pdf]
  • G.F.Grinyer (GANIL) - Physics opportunities with ACTAR TPC [.pdf]


Physics Experiments (November 18)

  • M.Lewitowicz (GANIL) - GANIL Beam Schedule [.pdf]
  • C.Rodriguez-Tajes (GANIL) - Fission investigations in active targets [.pdf]
  • J.Giovinazzo (CENBG) - Decay experiments with ACTAR TPC [.pdf]
  • B.Fernandez-Dominguez (Santiago) - Nuclear structure experiments using active targets [.pdf]
  • T.Marchi (Leuven) - Physics opportunities with an active target in Italy [.pdf]


Mechanical Design and ZAP (November 19)

  • J.Pancin (GANIL) - Introduction [.pdf]
  • P.Gangnant (GANIL) - ACTAR TPC reaction chamber [.pdf]
  • J.Pibernat (CENBG) - ACTAR TPC decay chamber [.pdf]
  • P.Gangnant/J.Pibernat (GANIL/CENBG) - ZAP design and AsAd cooling [.pdf]
  • S.Damoy (GANIL) - Field cage simulations and design [.pdf]


Detector Assembly (November 19)

  • T.Roger (GANIL) - Electronics calibration [.pdf]
  • J.Pancin (GANIL) - Detector calibration methods [.pdf]
  • J.Giovinazzo (CENBG) - Al-core TPC collection plane test results [.pdf]
  • G.F.Grinyer (GANIL) - Auxiliary detectors [.pdf]
  • J.A.Swartz (Leuven) - Scintillator tests for SpecMAT [.pdf]


Data Acquisition (November 19)

  • G.Wittwer (GANIL) - Hardware integration and triggering [.pdf]
  • F.Saillant (GANIL) - ACTAR TPC data acquisition system [.pdf]
  • B.Duclos (GANIL) - Graphical interface for slow-control configuration [.pdf]
  • S.Damoy (GANIL) - Slow control systems [.pdf]


Data Analysis and Simulations (November 19)

  • T.Roger (GANIL) - Data analysis: Basic concepts [.pdf]
  • J.Giovinazzo (CENBG) - GET data samples processing [.pdf]
  • P.Konczykowski (Santiago) - ACTARsim: PID comparison with IPNO data [.pdf]


erc logoThe research leading to these results have received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union's Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013)/ERC grant agreement no 335593.
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