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What is VAMOS ?

VAMOS (VAriable MOde Spectrometer)

   VAMOS (VAriable MOde Spectrometer) is a large solid angle ray-tracing spectrometer employing numerical methods for reconstructing the particle trajectory. Complete identification of reaction products has been achieved by trajectory reconstruction.
  Equipped with a versatile detection system, VAMOS is capable of identifying reaction products from diverse reactions using beams at GANIL.
The angular acceptance of the spectrometer reaches 80 mstrd, while the Brho acceptance +/- 25%. The spectrometer is often coupled to the high efficiency EXOGAM  array to obtain recoil coincidences for studying nuclei far from stability.

vamos top view


VAMOS Team   :  Antoine Lemasson (Scientific coordinator)

                           Johann Goupil      (Technical coordinator)

Alahari Navin, Christelle Schmitt,Maurycy Rejmund

Samuel  Damoy, Bertrand Jacquot


Related publications

File Publication List2016
Last update 01-02-2017
Link New gas-filled mode of the large-acceptance spectrometer VAMOS
C. Schmitt, M. Rejmund, A. Navin, B. Lecornu, B. Jacquot, G. de France, A. Lemasson, A. Shrivastava, P. Greenlees, J. Uusitalo, K. Subotic, L. Gaudefroy, Ch. Theisen, B. Sulignano, O. Dorvaux, L. Stuttgé NIM A 621 (2010) 558
Link Performance of VAMOS for reactions near the Coulomb barrier
S. Pullanhiotan, M. Rejmund, A. Navin, W. Mittig, S. Bhattacharyya NIM A 593 (2008) 343
Link Improvement in the reconstruction method for VAMOS spectrometer
S. Pullanhiotan, A. Chatterjee, B. Jacquot, A. Navin, M. Rejmund, NIM B 266 (2008) 4148

Beam optics

File VAMOS Optics
Documentation of VAMOS Optics
File Vamos_and_detector.lpp
LISE++ file for VAMOS and detectors
File Spectrometers
Lecture presented at Joliot-Curie school (2008)
File vamos0.Ipp
LISE++ file for VAMOS
File VAMOS reconstruction for beginners
Introduction to the trajectories reconstruction in VAMOS
File Electromagnetic Separators in nuclear physics
In this lecture given at Joliot-Curie School(2015), we give an overview of the variety of electromagnetic spectrometers and separators used in nuclear physics.
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