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G3 and SPEG

Spectromètre à Perte d'Energie du Ganil


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The G3 experimental hall of GANIL hosts SPEG, a high-resolution spectrometer capable of a momentum resolution Δp/p of 10-4 or better.

SPEG was built in the first half of the years '80. In more than 20 years of operation, numerous experiments have been performed using the spectrometer, with results on various topics: mass measurements, study of giant resonances, spectroscopy using elastic, inelastic and transfer reactions, and others. The scientific production amounts to more than 160 publications with 15 PRLs and 30 PLBs.

It is also possible to perform experiments in G3 without using SPEG, but still taking advantage of the analyser part of the spectrometer and the large scattering chamber (almost 2m diameter). 

To know more about SPEG and G3 you can navigate to:

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