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ICCEWG meeting 1/22/15

ICCEWG meeting at GANIL on the 22nd of January 2015 Synschronization and trigger systems

File IICEWG_GANIL_22janv15
Agenda of the meeting Synchonisation andtrigger system: AGATA needs and specifications
File SIRIUS-ICC-Trigger
SIRIUS: S3 intrumentations Electronics DAQ and Trigger for the SIRIUS project
EXOGAM2 trigger and synchronisation
File FAZIA presentation
FAZIA overview: detector and electronics CENTRUM implementation
File PARIS-czermak_final
PARIS-Synchronisation & Trigger system (status and future plans)
NEDA trigger requirements
GTS and Trigger Processor in EXOGAM2 GTS upgrade project
File MUTANT system
The MUTANT system The maestro of the GET electronics
File Trigger_soft_22_jan_2015
Software trigger investigations
File MMH concept
How to move smoothly from CENTRUM, and may be the GTS, to a new Time Stamping system at GANIL (for synchronisation only, without Trigger Processing)
File ICCEWG_MinutesMeeting22janv15
Minutes of the ICCEWG meeting held at GANIL on the 22nd of January 2015 Synchonisation and Trigger systems
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