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The EU project "European Nuclear Science and Applications Research - 2" (ENSAR2) started on 1st of March 2016, as part of the framework program HORIZON2020 which includes all EU initiatives related to research.
ENSAR2 allows nuclear physicists to conduct their research in three main areas: nuclear structure and dynamics, nuclear astrophysics and related applications.
GANIL will coordinate ENSAR2 for a period of 4 years. Its total budget (contribution of the European Commission) is 10 M€ for 30 partners, spread over 14 European countries. In particular, this project will include financial support to users for access to experimental facilities: GANIL (F), LNL-LNS (I), CERN-ISOLDE (CH), JYFL (FI), ALTO (F) , GSI (D), KVI-CART (NL), NLC (PL), IFIN-HH / ELI-NP (RO) and the Center of theoretical physics ECT* (I). Accelerators mentioned above provide stable and radioactive ion beams at energies ranging from a few tens of keV/u to a few GeV/u. R&D activities and networks will also be conducted as part of this project to support the development of infrastructures involved in ENSAR2.
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