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GANIL 2015



GANIL has undertaken a study of the prospectives for the laboratory, which addressed its likely needs over the next 10 years of the future scientific programme.

The study covered the scientific cases, with priorities, for the future exploitation and possible upgrades for each GANIL experimental installation (including the various accelerators and the SPIRAL1 and SISSI2 systems). 

The different experimental programmes under consideration can use SPIRAL2 beams in the present installations at GANIL, or are complementary to SPIRAL2 physics, or are independent of SPIRAL2.  The study considers how the future requirements for SPIRAL2 beams into areas outside AEL and DESIR, and new SPIRAL1 beams/ stable beams/ fragmentation beams, will impact upon resources and technical developments, including safety licensing. The final report can be downloaded here.


Three reports where issued on March 2009, following a workshop held at GANIL:

The Core group

The Technical Advisory board

The Forward Look Forum

Peter ButlerFrédéric ChautardBertram Blank


 Contact: P. Roussel-Chomaz

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