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Super-Heavy elements

The quest for Super-Heavy nuclei (SHE) is a key investigating field in nuclear research. Indeed, by synthezing these new exotic nuclei, some answers to the followed questions could be given: What is the nuclear stability limit? Why such a complex nuclear system can exist ? Is the Mendeleiev still valid in this region ? Up to where can it be extended?

In this content you will find the definition of a SHE, the history of their discoveries, the experimental methods to synthesize and study them, some theory concepts, their present and future research at GANIL  .....


Why searching for Super-Heavy Elements ?

What is a SHE?

The nucleus was first depicted as a liquid drop more or less spherical. Within this macroscopic approach, nuclei containing more than 104 protons should not exist because the fission barrier disappears and the nucleus would fission spontaneously.....


What are the challenges ?




History on the discovery of SHE

Going beyond 92 protons, i.e. uranium, the heaviest natural element present on earth was the 1940's challenges. the avent of nuclear bombs and first accelerator gave access to more exotic nuclei....


 How do we synthesize and study them ?


GANIL Experimental set-up



S3 Experimental set-up



SHE experiments at GANIL

Experiments at LISE

Future studies at S3





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