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Dynamics and Thermodynamics

GIANT RESONANCES and MULTIPHONONS                     signature_philippe


Giant resonances

The giant resonances are now known since 50 years for the dipole mode and only less than 20 years for the other modes. Macroscopically they are interpreted as vibrations of the various nuclear fluids (protons/neutrons or spin-up/down).


In microscopic descriptions the giant resonances are  interpreted as coherent particle-hole excitations (ie single-particle excitations).

In all the different approaches the giant resonances are understood as quantum harmonic oscillators.


Today the properties of Giant resonances are actively studied both experimentally and theoretically. Of particular interest are the structures of collective modes, their life time and various decay Channels. also recently the discovery of new nuclear structures such as the neutron halo has suggested the possible existence of novel vibrationnal modes such as the soft dipole a vibration of the core against the halo.


Hot Giant resonances



In the 80's were discovered the giant resonances built on the compound nucleus (hot nucleus). Classically it is natural to consider the vibrations of a hot drop of nuclear liquid. However a quantum description of such states is difficult. The microscopic theories like the RPA describe such state as a coherent single-particle excitations.

The  properties of the hot giant resonances are not yet understood. Of particular interest are the evolution of the width and the observed disappearance of this mode above a given temperature (about 5 MeV for tin nuclei). These features have been widely investigated by our group partly in collaboration with the experimental groups of Orsay, Saclay and Catania.








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